Foreign Trade

We are interested in getting more foreign goods exported to China, and we have the facilities to connect you with the right distributors who might be interested in managing and selling your products.



We will search for you. Finding a new business in unfamiliar and foreign markets can often seem like an impossible task. We are skilled in this area and through our networks can efficiently find potential new leads. We also understand that your time is precious and too often drawn towards managing existing customers, orders, etc.


We find companies that are a good fit with your strategy. We provide you with a prospect brief for you to decide if the fit is right for your business.


We bring people together. We help to bridge the communication and cultural gaps, while also helping build trust between both parties. We facilitate the meeting, and we can provide translation if required, and document follow-up actions if needed.


We help to maintain the ongoing relationship, providing a seamless bridge between you and your new business partner. This can involve many aspects including following up, arranging meetings, etc.

Typically, a project of this nature contains several stages.

  • Stage 1 – Market Assessment For Your Product

We will let you know whether your product is capable for the market or not. You have the right to stop our service right away. We can also explore alternatives for you. 

PS:We cannot guarantee that your product will be 100% suitable for the market. 

  • Stage 2 – Development Strategy

We will discuss with our clients to make sure that you agree with our strategy before we start to engage with companies, distributors and other connections.

  • Stage 3 – Engagement

We will connect with you to set up suitable times for meetings with prospect partners, to get to know each other. Sharing ideas, perspectives, and goals that you are seeking. Our team will be the meeting coordinator and translator for you.

  • Stage 4 – Relationship Building

We will help you maintain building relationships with prospects, and we will record notes from each meeting in order to give you a better strategy. Our team will also follow up on prospects for you.

Do you have products that you are interested in exporting to China?

Please send an inquiry to our email. Our consultants will get in touch with you.

    If you already have permission to export to China, we can help you with:

    • Undertaking the whole process of import transportation.
    • Provide fast customs clearance, supervision, distribution, transshipment, and door-to-door services.
    • Handle the operation of imported goods designated by overseas agents or customers.
    • Provide consulting services on import documents, tariffs, supervision, transshipment, etc.
    • Provide real-time queries and tracking of goods, accurately grasp the pulse of logistics and provide feedback at any time.
    • Provide settlement certificates and detailed cost analysis.

    Customs Declaration

    • Customs declaration and transit of export and import goods
    • Territorial customs declaration, port clearance
    • Fumigation, inspection and quarantine
    • Consultation on relevant laws and regulations
    • Time-limited service for import customs clearance

    Better connection, optimal result, and speed up the process) Our trade specialists will provide the expertise and give clients optimal options to maximize their profits from the market.

    • Regulatory support to Chinese industries
    • Import and export services:
    • Find the best schemes for goods delivery in various industries
    • Development various activities in order to reduce trading costs
    • Connection with local firms